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Akron Fire Company
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History of Akron Fire Company

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The Akron Fire Company, formed in 1923 from three existing companies. Their proud heritage dates back to the formation of the Village of Akron, in 1849. One of the first duties of the first Village Trustees was to make arrangements for supplying fire protection to the newly-formed Village. They organized an election for two positions called "Fire Wardens". It was the duty of the Wardens to make sure that all residents obeyed laws regarding fire safety. The first Wardens were Mr. Ira Osgood and Mr. Charles Vogedes. The first "fire company" was actually made up of all village residents, as they were required by law passed in 1850, to make available one bucket and ladder long enough to reach the highest point of their home. The Village Trustees voted to outfit a hook and ladder company in 1854. They were known as the "Akron Hook and Ladder Company #1". The hand drawn ladder "truck" was built by local craftsmen and entered service in 1855. The village Trustees resolved to form the "Rescue Fire Company #2" in May of 1878. The following year the name was changed to "Liberty Hook and Ladder Company" and remained active until the formation of Akron Fire Company in 1923. The first "Chief Engineer" or Fire Chief, Alexander Goslin, was appointed in 1881, and Henry Porter his "Assistant Engineer". A station was constructed at Fallkirk, or East Akron, in September 1886. This stood near East Avenue and State Street and was occupied by the 30 member "Cataract Engine #1 Hose Company" formed in September 1887.Following a major fire in the Main Street business district in November 1890, the Village Trustees formed the 30 member "Cement City Engine Company #2" and the 22 member "Nonpareil Hook and Ladder Company #1". The Cement City organization was housed near the Octagon House on Townsend Street. The Nonpareil outfit is somewhat obscure, and does not appear to have lasted beyond 1894.It may seem strange that a village the size of Akron would have 4 fire companies serving its citizens. At the time it was formed, the village consisted of less than 450 residents in 94 families. This meant that people had more "elbow room" than today. They formed several "neighborhoods" of people living in different areas of the Village. The residents of neighborhoods joined together and formed their own fire companies to protect themselves and their businesses. As the population grew and the Village became more densely populated, these groups melted together, and in 1923 the residents presented the Village Trustees with a petition calling for the disbanding of the 3 existing companies and the formation of one company, which would come to be known as the AKRON FIRE COMPANY.