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Our New Fire Engines 1886

Akron Breeze article - Dec 17, 1886, "Our New Fire Engines"

"The fire engines recently purchased by the Trustees of Rumsey & Co., of Seneca Falls, NY, were tested last week Thursday before a large number of our citizens. The first test was made at the foot of Main Street. A hole was cut through the ice near the bridge and the suction hose inserted. The engine was placed 22 feet away and the water forced through 600 feet of discharge hose. The first stream was brought to bear on Abram Post's block, which was thoroughly drenched ina short space of time. Then the ------- block was wet down, after which the stream was turned on Magoffin & Sons. Here, the power was sufficient to throw the water 20 feet above the building, with a force of 8 men on the lever of the engine. The second test was made at East Akron on Newman's Store. A stream was thrown 40 feet with such force that windows were broken and the building was wet down in an incredibly short time; and to demonstrate that the engine commanded the situation, a stream was thrown 10 feet above the highest smokestack at Newman's Mills. Mr. Newman was so impressed with the exhibition that he offered the free use of the grounds on which to build an engine house, and storage until that was done. The engines proved highly satisfactory to the fire company and people, and were accepted. The gentlemanly agent, John Kaiser, under whose skill the test was made was the guest of the company while he remained."