Why Choose an HDB Approved Contractor?

Are you thinking about renovating your house for a while now? And after all the shopping and meeting with different contractors, you have finally decidedwhich contractor to choose. If your flat is an HDB flat, have you checked whether your contractor is hdb approved contractor or not? No, right? It is essential to check whether your contractor is HDB-approved. For HDB flats, do hire a contractor who is HDB approved.

What areHDB-approved contractors?

HDB contractors are contractors who have undergone proper training under HDB and are HDB licensed. These contractors have proper training in HDB flats and would know how to renovate your house while taking proper measures. It is not only about the quality other contractors may provide you with the same quality as HDB contractors but also about safety. HDB contractors know how to renovate your house without causing any damage to your house.

hdb approved contractor

These contractors are specially trained to work on HDB flats and know all the ins and outs of these flats. They know which part of the house they need to be careful with and which part can be renovated in which form. They specialize in dealing with these houses and efficiently renovate your house and give it a new look without causing any damage.

Have a look at all the procedures a contractor has to go through to be an HDB contractor:

  • The contractor who wants to be HDB licensed must undergo HDB’s training course and complete the training correctly. This training is not easy, and not everyone can complete this training correctly.
  • The contractor must have an experience of at least three years and must be actively involved in the renovation trade. This will ensure that your HDB licensed contractor is experienced, not someone who just got into the business without proper training and experience.
  • The company needs to be ACRA registered for a minimumof one year. This is a way to make people feel more secure, and people will be able to trust the company because of its registration and certificates.
  • The contractor must have a company under their name for more than a year.
  • The company should not have any bad records or complaints against them.

Due to these conditions, people can rest assured that they are giving their house to responsible hands that will renovate your house carefully without causing any damage and be mindful about the quality.