Unique Vodka to Sake up your Life

In the world of alcohol, vodka reigns supreme. It is the most popular spirit out there, and for good reason. This one spirit has so many flavors that it’s nearly impossible to not find a variation you like. However, if you’re looking for something with a little more personality or excitement than vodka, thenĀ vodka delivery los angeles might be right up your alley. Sake is a Japanese alcohol that most commonly is made from rice, however there are also varieties made from potatoes and even grapes. With this wide of an assortment, there’s sure to be a sake for everyone.

Now before you get your taste buds ready, it’s important to understand what sake is, because it might not be what you expect. Most people associate this rice wine with a very strong alcohol taste, but that’s not always the case. Although there are some very strong varieties of sake, most fall on the lighter side of alcohol content. The amount of rice does play a part in how much alcohol is in each bottle depending on how it’s made. The stricter the rules about how the rice is cultivated, the higher the alcohol content is.

Sake is traditionally served in a small glass called a “champagne glass”. The glasses get this name because sake can be rather drinkable these days, and people have also gone to extremes with creating unique sake glasses that are shaped like champagne flutes to make them easier to drink. These designs vary from period to period, but they all serve one purpose: make it easier to sip sake without making it seem like you’re drinking alcohol.