Power comparison You can save money with these tips

The standard house connection for electricity, gas and water now called the grid connection connects your property or building with the upstream supply network of the network operator. A good plan is the most important requirement for the implementation of your construction project. One therefore advise you to plan the building project with the help of experts and to determine the energy requirements.

If you want to change your electricity provider, you can find many ways on the Internet. Help is provided by the electricity compare via electricity price comparison calculators, which put together a list of affordable electricity tariffs for the customer at the push of a button. If you do not want to search the network yourself, you can also contact the consumer advice centers for information . You also have the option of using our electricity comparison to compare the electricity prices for your use.

Current comparison: what you have to enter

Searching the Internet is easy: Enter your postcode and electricity consumption on the portals. You can read this from the last annual statement. And so should you. Because the more precisely you know your average annual consumption, the more targeted the Internet search for the cheapest provider .

electricity compare

The search for the cheap electricity tariff is free of charge for consumers on the electricity comparison portals. In almost all cases, you can also change the electricity provider via the website. That is what the portals want. Because the electricity comparison calculators are financed by the commissions they receive from the electricity suppliers for referring new customers, as well as by advertising on the pages. In contrast to financial services, where the price calculator usually only lists the offers from the insurers or banks with which they work

Carrying out a current comparison is quick and easy. Nevertheless, you should know a few things in order to be able to classify the results of the pages correctly. Because the portals work with default settings that consumer advocates criticize. In the latest test, no electricity tariff calculator received a good or even a very good rating.

There is actually a pitfall with almost all portals. Bonuses are often included in the preset selection mask. Only house pilot and energy consumer portal do it differently. Consumer advocates criticize the inclusion of bonuses because they make an objective electricity comparison difficult.

The portals see it differently. They argue that the bonuses, when paid, lower the price of electricity – and in some cases significantly. If you receive a bonus as a customer, you should check which conditions are attached to it. Is it paid out at the beginning of the term or at the end? Is the bonus only available when the contract is extended? Do you even get prizes in kind instead of money?

In order to protect consumers from being overreached and tricking the farmer, however, the electricity calculators draw limits when comparing electricity.