Churchill Capital Corp IV’s (NYSE:CCIV at share reverted last month when buyers rotated from high-value growth shares like EV’s and shifted into stocks with value and cyclical businesses likely to rebound well.In February Churchill Capital was one of those hard-hit growth shares that were purchased by EV founder, Lucid Motors, and ended March 25%.

Stock slumped

In February, after SPAC revealed its combination with Lucid Motors, Churchill Capital shares settled down when it was apparent that investors bid CCIV shares to an insane degree, up more than 400 percent from $10. The transaction also arrived soon after the Nasdaq high, and tech stocks and growth stocks started retreating with rises in interest rates.

In the first week of March this trend intensified as (NYSE: CCIV) stocks plummeted 28% with Nasdaq sinking and interest rates higher. The next week, shares rebounded, as the firm had no headlines, but stocks fell down in the second half of March.


Little news was made on the stock during the month but CCIV seemed to step in conjunction with other EV manufacturers like Nio and Nikola that came down 15 and 23 percent respectively in march, reflecting a possible leakage of some air from the EV bubble.

What Lucid Motors already may not announce a car and Lucid Air is the company’s first premium sedan, the Lucid Air, for the second half of 2021. The stock now has an implied market value of about $40 billion, which means that the release costs strong expectations – however, with Tesla’s performance, if the EV market keeps its current evaluation the stock would have plenty‚Äôs to reverse.

The stock has not really reached the pre-deal price. However, some buyers asked if they should give up ships due to the price decline.Your ultimate decision, suggest that the course be held. The fall in the stock of CCIV may in any event be an incentive to collect some more stocks at a reasonable price.

Compounding the problem

Just Churchill Capital IV (NYSE:CCIV) and Luxury Electric Vehicles Manufacturer Lucid Motors were enthusiastic when traders heard about the market mix. But the hype period for CCIV inventory did not last very long. Patience is the secret here. However, I also understand that it is better said than achieved to be vigilant with a stock price fall.

The fact that Lucid cars are already on the streets makes the issue all the more serious. That is to say, CCIV equity holders are wagering on a company’s prospects for goods not yet publicly accessible. You can check more stocks like idxnse nsei at before investing.