Preparation Tips Along With PSLE Tuition Online Classes

Is your child having a hard time due to the upcoming PSLE? PSLE or primary school leaving examination is taken in the 6th year of primary school for joining secondary school. Though there are other ways to join secondary school, it is much better to take the examination and then join Singaporean students. The stress alone leads to many options for PSLE tuition online.

The exams are conducted by the Board Of Examination on English proficiency, mother tongue language proficiency, maths and science. It is an integral part of higher studies after all. but how do prepare for them along with tuition?

Stronger And Targeted Practice

It is not possible to make the student perfect in all four test papers. But they should be able to score well enough to pass the exam and get admission to a good school. Rather than forcing them to take up every topic and know in and out of them, it is better to focus on the ones they are good at and make maximum out of it.

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This applies to all four test papers. Look for their area of strength and their composition in the test papers. If it is an important topic, then this itself is enough for them. with the targeted guidance of their tuition teachers, they will excel on the test.

Making Short Notes

Students have the habit of studying until the very last minute before the exam. This is due to the tension that they might forget something important that is a sure shot in the test paper. But it is not practically possible to go through the entire syllabus at that time. so, it is best to carry short notes.

The short notes should be such that they are only 5-6 pages for each topic and cover important formulas and definitions. It will allow you to have a quick revision for all the test papers an hour before the exam.

Developing Listening Skills

Developing listening skills is important because there is a section in the test paper for the same as well. this is why listening in tuition classes is important as it allows the child to develop listening skills faster. Sitting through the tuition classes and listening to every little thing the teacher is saying, will not only help them prepare for the subject but the listening skills part as well.