Rise of Kingdoms

The game is really simple. You will be the governor, you are reliable for creating a great city. It will be acquired by collecting resources and buildings. You need to upgrade the buildings as well. The troops can play a pivotal role in the game. They are attacking other cities, defending it and they are also collecting items from the map. You can either choose one of the 8 civilizations. The game is unique because they have 20 distinct heroes and game modes such as PvP and Expedition mode. In the in-game training, it is provided for new players to be familiar with the mechanics. There will be an introduction to the distinct elements. Those are available in the Rise of Kingdoms.

The RTS or Real-Time Strategy game, the Rise of Kingdoms are simple to play. The mouse movements on the BlueStacks make the game comfortable to play. And it can boost the gaming experience.

What are the types of resources?

Rise of Kingdoms

The resources are essential to progress the game. These are the basic stone, wood, and food. The primary task of the game is to elevate the buildings, train the troops. And doing some research that needs these resources. The Lumber Mill, quarry, and farm are the resources that are producing buildings. You can also gather resources from the resource points located on the map. It involves logging camps, store deposits, and croplands.

What are the groups of buildings?

The buildings are driven apart by two main groups, the Military, and the Economic. The third is decorative items that are accessible for gamers that are looking for more aesthetics. City hall is the main core of the city. The Economic class has buildings such as lumber, farms, quarries, gold mines. Academies, storage, and mills. The Military has archery, stable, range, scout camp, hospital, a siege workshop, and tavern. These are part of the class.

What is the role of the commanders?

The commanders are the leader of the city. They are dominant on the troops to battle or by just collecting resources. They also are the ones assigning the wall to defend the city. You can use other commanders and forces can be split up to execute a lot of actions at the same time.

Historical figures such as Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu can be called. The commanders can give points and level up to beat the enemies. Each commander has an exclusive ability that can be seen during the battle.