Creating a Good Building with a Screened Porch

The screen porch is a great place to entertain friends and family. It would be nice to dine outdoors without the hassle of being outdoors. A screened porch can serve as your little nook for reading or relaxing, even sleeping. More homeowners now realize that additions built on their lots will add value to their homes if they ever decide to sell.

A screen porch will add value to your home.

Building a screened veranda will greatly increase the size of your home and add value to your property while also providing an outside extension of your home that you can enjoy. You’ll be even luckier if you already have a front porch that only needs minor adjustments to accommodate the walls and door. If this is your case, you may well do the work yourself, that is, if you are good at carpentry, as protecting a porch is not an easy task.

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The traditional method of protecting a porch is ineffective as the screens tend to sag. The correct way is to frame the screen with treated and painted wood battens before mounting them as walls. You also have the option of ordering prefabricated screens in aluminum frames and hiring a qualified contractor for installation.

Building a screened in porch in Fort Smith, AR, from scratch is like new construction. The local building codes have several requirements to meet before getting permission to start new construction. When you need to start from scratch to build a screened porch, your best bet is to hire a reliable and recommended screened porch contractor.

Survey certificate or scaled site plans with appropriate site dimensions and site development plan; copies of the proposed design drawings, i.e., floor plans, which include structural details such as stud and beam dimensions; copies of foundation and foundation plans, beams, floor framing sections, ceiling heights, door and window openings, etc. Even an avid quality will not submit these requirements, as these prerequisites must be completed and signed by a licensed architect.

A screen porch contractor will take care of all your requirements. Having a qualified contractor build your screened porch will save you money in the long run as the contractor guarantees labor and materials. However, if you know you can do the finishing work, like installing screens and painting a new porch, you have the option of customizing parts of the build outside of your budget.


Building a screened porch shouldn’t be a big deal, as there are contractors and sub-contractors out there to make it easy and hassle-free for you.

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