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Designing a house with a swimming pool also includes landscaping elements. When every house has its design, the landscape also should be designed accordingly. Many unique ideas have come up in recent years. Designing an outdoor area with plants is the most sought after choice. But you may not be able to do it all yourself as it entails a lot of intricate things. Get the help of a professional Best swimming pool contractor in Peoria, IL and you can be assured of a wonderful outdoor space. A rough idea of what can make a good landscape around your pool can be found here.

  • Maintenance-free plants: Think of plants that involve low maintenance costs. If your pool is surrounded by plants that shed leaves throughout, the pool becomes messy. The main consideration in swimming pool maintenance is removing the twigs and leaves that may block the filter. If by any chance some small leaves get into the filter pipe, the cleaning process becomes very tedious. So landscaping with plants and trees that may end up in high maintenance cost is not a good suggestion. Also, make sure to avoid fruit-bearing trees around the pool. This invites more birds and also you have chances of getting hit by fruit or two now and then.
  • Privacy: When your swimming pool gets attention from outside your privacy is bound to be disturbed. In such cases choose bushy trees for your landscape that can act as a natural canopy. If you are thinking of trees that shed leaves in winters give it a second thought. Your pool will be open to public view when there are no leaves. Arrange them starting from your wall enclosures so that they provide good shade and privacy too.
  • Theme: The main point in landscaping is to identify the theme of plants that can be used. It can be tropical or modern. An expert architect can give good suggestions that can blend with the existing design of your property. Everything from color, gradation, tiling, etc can be decided according to the theme.

pool squeaky clean

Among other points safety of people using the pool is very important. Some trees have sharp needle-like leaves. This can hurt when going around the pool. Also when these leaves fall into the pool freak accidents tend to happen. There are flowering plants that attract a lot of insects and bees. It is always nice to enjoy nature’s elements but not when it is near your pool. Your happy swim time may suddenly come to a halt when you get a bee sting. Rodents also find a place when bushy shrubs are around the pool area. Make sure you have checked in place for these.