As the water is the primary requirement to the every organism on the earth, it’s our responsibility for providing water to some creatures. We can provide water to the birds through the bird baths. The bird baths can be build anywhere even in your houses.

Construction of bird bath in garden attracts many birds. The bird bath is a small shallow artificial pond created as a basin in which water is filled. Birds can drink water or bath in the bird bath.A bird bath is build as a small reflecting pool, for creating the wildlife parks or gardens, garden ornament, outdoor sculpture. The bird bath is the centre for many types of birdsmainly in high temperature days. Even the birds create a habitat at that place if the bird bath is present in the garden. The birds can stay on the trees and drink water whenever they feel thirsty. The basic requirement for the bird baths is it should be shallow, free from dirt, should be filled once emptied  and the material used to build bird bath. Non Toxic Concrete Sealer For Bird Bath don’t cause any harm to the water which the bird drinks.

Why the design and material for construction of bird bath is important?

  • Generally the bird bath is made of terracotta or moulded concrete. The mould for the preparation of the bird bath have an indentation below it. This indentation make the pedestal to get attached to the bird bath. The pedestal is required if the bird bath is placed above the ground level.
  • The material that is used for the construction of bird bath is very crucial. Some materials may be very toxic. As the bird bath have water continuously in it, the water easily absorbs the material that is used for its construction. If the material is toxic, then the water containing that toxic material may harm the birds.
  • The design of the bird bath is also crucial. The bird bath should be situated at the ground level. The bird bath design should be similar to the natural source like pond. The design should be made such that it is very shallow and birds can easily drink and bath without drowning.
  • If the bird bath have moving water, it will attract the birds. The water sprinklers in the sunlight make the bird bath more attractive.


Hope you got an idea about the things you have to follow while building bird bath.